Frequently Asked Questions

What CTE pathways are offered at Cumberland High School?

Cumberland High School currently has 4 state-accredited CTE pathways.

  1. Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Biomedical Science
  2. Information Technology
  3. Law & Public Safety
  4. Robotics & Pre-Engineering


Do I need to apply before 9th grade?

Students can decide to enroll anywhere from 8th grade to 11th.  Although it is recommended that students enroll earlier, to assure enough time to complete required courses and certifications, students can enroll at a later date, provided that they are on track with course completion.


Once I decide to enroll in a specific pathway, am I required to stay in that program for the whole time I am at CHS?

CTE Pathways are designed for a minimum of three years (preferably four) of instruction and hands-on learning so students have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to seek college credit and/or industry certifications. Pathways are flexible, and students may choose to leave a pathway and enroll in a different pathway.

The RI Board of Education Regulations Regarding Career and Technical Education allows a high school student to enroll in a RIDE Approved CTE (Pathway) program in a high school in another district. These regulations do not afford students the opportunity to enroll in another school if they are not enrolled in a RIDE Approved Career and Technical Education program. As a result, an out-of-district student must be enrolled in a pathway course each year while attending Cumberland High School, including their senior year. RIDE requires a school to offer at least a three (3) year sequence in order to be a RIDE approved program. Our programs start in the 9th grade so we offer a four (4) year sequence.


What if I want to switch programs?

Students can decide to switch programs, but students need to officially apply for a new program, and keep in mind that to be considered a completer, must still complete the required coursework, certifications and work based learning.


What if I am interested in more than one program?

Students are welcome to enroll in multiple programs, or take advantage of additional courses of interest as elective courses.  Students need to keep in mind the required coursework and certifications, and assure that they can complete programs in which they are enrolled.


What if I am interested in the courses, but am not ready to commit to a program?

CTE pathway courses are open to all students, but students enrolled in a pathways are given priority access.  Students interested in a program, but not ready to commit are welcome to take the introductory courses as electives, and then apply for the program once ready.


How do I build professional relationships and find field experiences and mentors?

Cumberland High School has created a school-wide advisory board, as well as numerous program-based partnerships, to build relationships and create experiences for students to work with industry professionals.


I am not a Cumberland resident- How can I schedule a tour of the campus?

In addition to the CHS Open House, students can contact the main office to ask about opportunities for tours.


My family does not live in the Cumberland School District. What are the tuition costs associated with attending Cumberland High School?

For all Rhode Island students, the tuition costs associated with attending Cumberland High School will be covered by the district in which the student resides.


Is transportation provided to out-of-district students?

Transportation is provided for all in-district students, as well as for out-of-district students residing in Burrillville, North Smithfield and Woonsocket. Accepted students residing in other towns (outside of the transportation zone) may attend Cumberland and are responsible for their own transportation. We have parking for students outside of the transportation zone in our student lots. For more information about bus transportation to and from Cumberland High School, please visit RIDE’s website (RIDE>Home > Students & Families > Additional Resources > Student Transportation).

I live outside of the Cumberland School District. Must I notify the school district in the community where I live that I may attend Cumberland High School?

You do need to notify the district of residence if you decide to submit a formal application to attend our school district. This is necessary because the district where you live will be covering the costs of tuition if you are eligible to attend and they need to properly budget the cost. Please note that under current regulation, the district of residence may not prohibit you from attending a pathway in our school district.  You do not need to notify the school district where you live to obtain information about our pathways, attend an open house, take a tour of our campus or explore the possibility of attending our school district. If you are attending private school or are being homeschooled, in order for you to be accepted into one of our pathway programs you will need to contact the district where you live, prove residency, and enroll in the district. They will then enter you in their student information system as an out-of-district placement. This is necessary because they will be covering the costs of tuition and need to record you as a student in their district in order to receive funds from the State of RI.

When is drop-off and pick-up?

Students can be dropped off any time after 6:50 a.m. The first class begins at 7:15 a.m. Dismissal is at 1:55 p.m., with the  For more information on drop-off and pick-up, please see the student handbook.

Can I apply to attend Cumberland High School online?

The applications will be available online. Once printed and completed, they should be sent electronically or via mail, following the directions listed on the application.



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